Highlights of The Speech of Hon'ble Prime Minitster of India Shri Narendra Modi on 26th September, 2016, Vigyaan bhawan at CSIR Platinum Jubilee Celebration

  • Time-bound delivery by the scientists.
  • To double the income of farmers till 2022
  • Scientists must aim to produce new variety of vegetables.
  • Export fruits to the Gulf countries.
  • Enhance technology in health sector.


This year CSIR has entered into its 75th year of the foundation that began on 26th September, 2016. It sets an appropriate stage for ‘Platinum Jubilee Celebration’. It has been a glorious and eventful journey for the family of CSIR which today prides itself as having done cutting-edge science in frontier areas, using it to develop technologies in wide-ranging areas that touch different aspects of Indian life so that the country can prosper and the citizens can lead towards their growth.



    Is the technology leader in the areas of: Generic drugs, industrial catalysts and leather technology

    Plays a pivotal role in the Indian strategic sector in handling their challenge of technology denial

    Provides S&T based services to industry and other stakeholders

    CSIR is the nation’s flag bearer I: Intellectual property generation and protection


The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), established in 1942, is an autonomous society whose President is the Prime Minister of India. An ensemble of 38 state-of-the-art institutes, today, CSIR is amongst the foremost scientific and industrial research organizations in the world.

CSIR has provided scientific and technological solutions to societal and industrial problems during its more than seven decades’ history and has contributed significantly towards meeting the country’s aspirations.

CSIR Vision is to ‘pursue science which strives for global impact, technology that enables innovation-driven industry and nurture trans-disciplinary leadership thereby catalyzing inclusive economic development for the people of India.’

CSIR past has given it the confidence, as CSIR has linked closely with Indian industry, assuming the role of its partner in technology. Whether it was a Swaraj tractor, or an anti-malarial drug, CSIR has been there with Indian industry.

Process technologies facilitating development of generic drugs and unraveling of human genome by CSIR altered the very paradigm of medicine and health care. In some cases, it has led the industry as in case of leather industry, and in some it has worked to create a new industry, as in civil aviation industry. At times, CSIR technological interventions helped creating jobs as evident in the country’s menthol mint success story, wherein the country became a global leader in menthol mint production mainly due to CSIR sustained efforts in developing high-yielding varieties.

At the same time, CSIR technological interventions helped in saving jobs – during the 1990s, the leather industry was facing a storm. The High Court had ordered 700 highly polluting tanneries to close down. CSIR stepped in and 270 closed tanneries were revived and over 200 thousand jobs were saved.


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